Specialist Skills

Specialist skills photosBushcraft and Forest Skills

To enhance the participant’s confidence in being in the outdoors. The content is subject to the interests/skills of the group but is likely to include most of the following:

•  Firecraft including fire-by-friction
•  W
ild Foods
Backcountry Cooking
Natural Cordage
Shelter Building
WoodcraftCutting tools

Fieldcraft/Nature Awareness

•  Sensory Awareness
•  Observation Trails
•  Recognising animal tracks and signs
•  Elementary Tracking
•  Observing Wildlife

Guided walks

Learn about the Devon countryside through informative, entertaining walks with an expert guide. Day walks Easy rambles for 3 - 6 hours introducing some of the following;

•  Nightwalks - exploring the fascinating world of nocturnal nature
•  Wild Food walks - with regular sampling of produce, both raw and cooked
•  Natural History walks - general overview of the countryside
•  Elementary Tracking - learning to recognise animal tracks and signs
•  Resource walks - interactive walks to discover the traditional uses of plants and trees
•  Storywalks - creative interaction with the natural world


The art of storytelling is almost as old as the earth on which we stand. Just as our connection to nature has slowly dwindled, we have also seen a decline in the cultural value placed upon myths and stories from the past. People are hungry for what matters, and appreciate the wisdom of a traditional tale that touches the heart.

WildWise expert storyteller, Chris Salisbury, aka 'Spindle Wayfarer', will weave a spell of enchantment around the campfire, that teaches, heals and entertains.