Wolf Pack Programme for Boys (13-16 yrs) 2022

Nature-based mentoring for boys (13-16 years)

4 camps: 19-23 April; 30 May - 1 Jun; 25-27 Jul; 1-4 Sept

£975* pp  





The ‘Wolf Pack’ programme recognises that boys of a certain age need challenges, adventures, risks and role-models. Our programme facilitates a group of young men on a journey of discovery. Our aim is to make the most of what the natural world can offer with an exciting programme of meaningful activity that will develop skills, confidence and leadership potential.

The adventure begins with a walkabout on Dartmoor, travels the river by Canadian canoe, visits the wild coastline and completes with an adventure in the woods, Our syllabus will include bushcraft, foraging, fishing, campcraft, nature awareness skills, hunting skills and a final Quest. There will be traditional stories told around the campfire, stargazing, games and focused dialogue, as well as just hanging out together in the peace and beauty of the wildwood, moor, beach and river valley.

We invite you to come and learn some new skills, expand your awareness, develop yourself, make new friends, tackle challenges, have some great fun, be surrounded by the power of nature, and maybe take an important step or two on the road towards manhood.

Participants will have the opportunity to get close to nature, to relax, grow up a bit, discover more about themselves, and be energised and inspired by some quality time out in the wilds of the Westcountry!

All food and equipment is provided on these events. 

Note this programme is aimed at teenagers (13+ yrs). On occasion, under specific circumstances, younger partcipants may be considered  and taking into account the ages of the current cohort. Please contact us to enquire.


  • 19-23 April  - The Moor
  • 30 May - 1 June - The River
  • 25-27 July - The Coast
  • 1-4 Sept - The Forest

Course Leaders  - Columb Thompson & Sam Kouzarides

*The cost is £975 per boy. Flexible payment options will be available on request and some concessions may also be available based on financial need.

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A £175 deposit will reserve your boy's place. To register your interest and pay a deposit please email us here.

Covid 19

We take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously and are taking appropriate precautions to ensure we operate within the government guidelines.

** Watch Chris Packe (WildWise leader) being interviewed about the Programme here **

Wolf Pack is an adventurous outdoor program that requires a basic level of fitness. The venues are wild locations on Dartmoor, on/alongside the River Dart from Totnes and along the South Devon coastline, where in all cases there is no permanent infrastructure. We are very keen to hear from any participant who may be concerned about accessibility and/or the level of fitness required and would be happy to talk to them and/or parent to assess suitability.

Testamonials from previous WildWise Wolf Pack programmes:


"This was absolutely transformative for my son. He has retained the inner calm and self confidence it gave him - he understands now that nature can give him all he needs. He came back a different boy in a wholly good way."
Shila Brown, Parent

"This is an amazing experience which not only helps boost your child's confidence, it will give them a life changing experience which they will never forget, getting up close to nature in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It is also led by a really impressive set of outdoor education leaders who clearly know exactly what they are doing. It is a great investment in your boy's future."
Ed Matthew, Parent, 2020

"It is an amazing program to send your kids on. I think they will gain a lot from it like I did and they will make new friends and it was a big experience in my life that I will remember for a long time."
Sam, 2020 participant

"If at all possible, make it a must do in your boys life. In so many cultures the boys are all supported with their transition from boys to men and we are neglecting ours. We desperately need a world full of men confidently expressing themselves as whole, rounded compassionate people - a big part of that can start here."
Shiela Fletcher, Parent, 2020

"My son has loved this programme and all the leaders. He keeps telling me that he wishes it wasn't over. He has had so much fun on all the outdoor adventures and really enjoyed his time sleeping in hammocks, on the beach, making fire and spending whole weekends outside. But it has also given him a great opportunity and space for reflection and reconnecting with himself".
Annette, Wolf Pack 2019

"I would most definitely recommend this programme to others - a fantastic experience for your child, I consider my son very privileged to be blessed with such amazing accomplishments and memories"
Morwenna, Wolf Pack 2019

"I felt loved and cared for, every step of the way I also was treated very maturely and I was allowed to make my own decisions on multiple occasions "
Participant, 2019

"It has positively affected his self-esteem; he’s faced some challenges and become acquainted with his internal fire. When we picked him up he was literally radiant... I can still see that change in him... He already has a calmer, more centred and purposeful air about him... Chris has inspired [my son] and made a deep impression on him... The programme was pitched perfectly."
Sarah, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The course has taught him new learning points in his self both in terms of his own body image and in terms of learning what he is physically capable of. He has flourished as a young man under the wing of Chris. Feeling that he could share his innermost thoughts with the leaders and safely within the group is a new experience."
Shelley, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The exceptional holding and challenge created by Chris and the team will get your son through stronger and more balanced... The exceptionally high skill base and depth of experience was breathtaking and highly valuable to both me and [my son]."
Cat, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"The whole experience has been brilliant. [My son] has certainly been challenged and faced his fears. He’s learned skills, had adventures and been wonderfully supported through the whole thing. He’s grown in many ways... This is one of the few opportunities for boys to experience real challenge and adventure."
Janet, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2018

"A challenging and uplifting journey into the natural world that triggers significant inner growth in a young person, resulting in a noticeable step up in self-awareness, self-confidence and a tremendous feeling of well-being after each event. I am hugely grateful for the mentoring and support my son received during these events, a special rapport that encouraged the best from the boys. They all have some very special experiences and memories to carry with them."
Tania, Wildwise Wolf Pack 2017

Wolf Pack has been "the pinnacle of my life up to this moment."  JoJo Oakes-Monger, Wolf Pack 2016

"Thank you so much for the last four days…he came back with such an amazing broad smile and he was full of positivity, bounce and gratitude. He thanked me for all these courses and said how much he is loving the Wolf Pack."
Karen, Wolf Pack 2013

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