Wild Time Programme for Girls 2020



2020 CAMPS: 26-28 JUNE; 27-30 JULY; 24-26 AUG




£795 p.p.



Wild Time offers young women aged 13-16 years an opportunity to 'grow' alongside experienced and qualified outdoorswomen, to learn bushcraft skills, build confidence, develop a sense of self and have fun outdoors...

This is not your typical programme. This wondrous journey, which includes 3 camps between June and August, aims to support girls of a certain age to safely experience a range of physical outdoor challenges, develop and practice survival and bushcraft skills whilst at the same time exploring interpersonal themes of self-reliance, group dynamics, and creativity. It aims to be a magical unravelling, facilitated on a adventure across wild Dartmoor .

Meeting on the first weekend we will spend time connecting to ourselves, the group and what has brought us to this event. During the programme we will spend time solo, in pairs and as a group; identifying and playing with some of the topics that arise. Games, environmental arts and crafts, adventure, night exploration and poetry will provide opportunities to weave the imagination as the girls explore the woods and the deserted moorland. We will cook together and sleep under the stars. We will spend time as a group of women, sharing stories and experience and most importantly learning from each other.

Be prepared for surprises and challenges, learning new skills and making new friends.

Note this programme is aimed at teenagers (13+ yrs) however younger partcipants may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us to enquire.

2020 Dates:

  • Camp 1: June 26-28  Arrival from 5pm Friday for a 7pm dinner / event start; finishes at 4pm Sunday
  • Camp 2: July 27-30   Start 2pm Monday to 4pm Thursday
  • Camp 3: August 24-26  Start 2pm Monday to 4pm Thursday

Cost: £795 p.p.   NB: Some concessions may be available e.g. for low income families, please contact us to apply

** Watch a video here of previous participants sharing their reflections on the programme **

“Wild Time helped me figure out who I was. I am much more aware of who I am. I am more
confident and much more happy.”

“Full of laughs and fun, with great people and facilitators- in beautiful places- it was just AMAZING!”

“I have learnt so much in such a little time and I feel like I really know myself.”

“It is so personal, special and in the moment. I would say that it was the best experience of my life, you make amazing friends and you learn so much about so many different things. It brings all these different parts of you- the whole thing. Makes you realise parts of yourself you didn’t know before.”

“Walking and canoeing showed me that I am strong and that I can do these things. I never would have thought I could canoe that far or walk across the moors and navigate myself.”

“It is really fun to walk in a team with all girls. All girls means that it is not awkward. I felt I could be myself here.
Parent: “It has been a very nurturing and growing experience. The mentorship has been wonderful and she has gained practical skills and emotional insights.”


Israh Goodall:
Motivated by a desire to explore and connect with people and wild places, Israh has travelled extensively. Her journeys have included travelling the Silk Road, trekking in New Zealand, the Middle East, Central America and Europe, and recently she completed the Pacific Crest Trial, a six month trek through wilderness from Mexico to Canada. She is a qualified Mountain Leader and trained in Outdoor Environmental Education, and has lead expeditions in the UK and Africa. As a trained midwife she has worked with remote tribes in the Afar region of Ethiopia and in Zanzibar’s government and bush hospitals. Her passion for the world outdoors began as a child living in Arabia, India, Turkey and Spain and now at every available moment, walks, climbs, canoes and kayaks.

Katie Rowan:
Katie trained as a vision quest guide with the School of Lost Borders in California and has led groups in nature and land based education for over 10 years, including 4 years at Embercombe in Devon. She is a hearth holder and is happiest around a fire with people sharing songs, music and stories.

 ‘Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.’
Rachel Carson


To book on Wild Time 2020 please email us. A £200 deposit will reserve your girl's place.

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