Wild Time Programme for Girls (14-17 yrs) 2022





No dates for 2022 (2pm start/finish)


COST: £525






The 2022 event is now cancelled - register here for 2023

Wild Time programmes offers girls and young women aged between 11 and 17 years an opportunity to 'grow' alongside experienced and qualified outdoorswomen, to learn bushcraft skills, build confidence, develop a sense of self and have fun outdoors. 

This year we have 2 Wild Time Camps each tailored to a specific age group; the 11-13 yrs camp for younger girls and the 14-17 yrs camp for teenagers. This will ensure the themes and activities are age appropriate to the group but will also encourage more meaningful connections and the development of a sense of community between the girls.  


Wild Time Camp for 2022 for 14-17 year olds


Over the summer a group of young women will come together to live and play in the wild, explore the land by day and night, adventure across moor, woods and rivers to learn more about who they are and what they want from their lives on the threshold of young adulthood.

The adventure includes inner and outdoor challenges, bush craft, wilderness survival skills, group games, wild walks, environmental art and crafts, and culminates in a final quest! We will cook on open fires, sleep under the stars, share stories as well as just hang out together in the peace and beauty of the wilderness.

This is not a typical outdoor programme. It has all the adventure you’d expect but with the added power of Rites of Passage - to enliven and empower young women to step confidently into the next stage of their lives. Developed by experienced guides and outdoors women over years of working with youth, this unique programme offers the right balance of play, adventure and creativity to help teenage girls develop interpersonal skills and inner resources. To enter young adulthood with a deeper sense of self and from a more confident place.

We invite you to come and learn some new skills, discover more about yourself, face challenges in a supportive group, make new friends, have some great fun, and be energised and inspired by some quality time out in the wilds!

Wild Time will give you the opportunity for:

  • Honest conversations and sharing
  • Time immersed in nature
  • Games, craft and movement
  • Essential outdoor skills
  • Connecting with experienced mentors
  • Building self-confidence, nature informed leadership and resilience
  • Guided sessions to reflect on your life and look ahead
  • Honouring the diverse story of what it means to be a young woman today
  • Challenge and guidance as you step into womanhood

Details will be sent ahead of time to help prepare for the rite of passage element of the programme. And similarly to conclude it, we ask parents and care givers to be present on the last afternoon of the camp for a closing ceremony.

We hope you'll join us!

Click here to read about the Wild Time for Girls (11-13 yrs) programme


How to book

Online booking is coming soon. In the meantime a £100 deposit by BACS or card will reserve your girl's place. Please contact us by email here.

Supporting Information:

Accessibility: Wild time is an adventurous programme that requires a basic level of fitness. The venue is an uninhabited location in the Dart Valley. The program is based outdoors and includes walking out from a minimal base camp, which becomes a wonderful refuge to return to. Daily activities will include lifting, carrying kit and fun outdoor games. We would be very keen to hear from any participant who may be concerned about their level of fitness and would be happy to talk to them and/or parent to assess suitability.

COVID 19: We take the safety of our clients and staff very seriously and are taking appropriate precautions to ensure we operate within the government guidelines. 


Testamonials from previous Wild Time participants:

Check out a video here of previous participants sharing their reflections on a Wild Time Rite of Passage programme

“Wild time has made me feel more confident and made me feel like I matter.”

“Full of laughs and fun, with great people and facilitators, in beautiful places - it was just AMAZING!”

“It is so personal, special and in the moment. I would say that it was the best experience of my life, you make amazing friends and you learn so much about so many different things. It brings all these different parts of you - the whole thing. Makes you realise parts of yourself you didn’t know before.”

“Wild Time helped me figure out who I was. I am much more aware of who I am. I am more confident and much happier.”

“I further deepened my understanding of myself and how I’m alive. I am so grateful for the leaders for facilitating this wonderful camp I would love to do it again next year.”

“It's been amazing to learn more about ourselves and our bodies, how they change and how to cope with that.”

“I have learnt about my emotions - the visualisations helped me see that relaxation can help me to de-stress which can help me understand them much more.”


Testimonials from Parents:

“This week is one of the best things you could do for your daughter. At a time when girls are vulnerable to losing their connection to their intuitive selves, this whole experience was aimed at the girls strengthening and trusting that connection. I dropped off my daughter a little nervous and uncertain and picked her up full of life and with friendships that she now treasures.”
“My daughter has found the program exciting, eye opening and fun. It has taken her into her early teens with a confidence she may not have gained in any other way. Listening her talk vividly of the other girls, and the instructor’s life experience has delighted me, and in ways has brought us even closer together. I have experienced a deep comfort, knowing that such wonderful, nurturing women are showing our daughter’s just how important connecting to nature is.”

“It has been a very nurturing and growing experience. The mentorship has been wonderful and she has gained practical skills and emotional insights”

“She felt strong, safe bonds from the first few moments on the camp. It gave her a sense of community that she felt was lacking for her.”

“Confidence, maturity, self reflection, greater openness and ability to connect with others. Ability to really value everyone in the group and recognise their own unique qualities. I think she also enjoyed the games a lot! She was very sparkly and enthusiastic when we picked her up.”

“Inspiring mentors creating a safe and powerful space, activities and challenges for the girls to explore who they are and what future they want to create for themselves.”

“l wish that l were 12 again, so that l could go! That l wish that l had someone to show my younger self, just how valuable and strong and important l was. That this is the kind of program that every young woman and man ought to experience, as they step into the world of adulthood. Safe and comforted that they have new skills and experiences that connect them to our Earth, nature and each other on a deep level, away from consumerism”



Israh Goodall

My work explores, and is inspired by, life’s transitions and thresholds, and this permeates all aspects of my work, as a midwife, expedition leader, somatic coach, and rites of passage facilitator. As a midwife, I have worked with remote tribes in the Afar region of Ethiopia, in Pakistan, in Zanzibar’s bush hospitals and in the NHS in the UK. As a qualified Mountain Leader I have led youth expeditions in the UK, Ladakh, Armenia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Lesotho, and co-facilitated ‘Call of the Wild’ at Schumacher College in Devon. As a Rites of Passage facilitator, I have trained with and assisted for School of Lost Borders, and run programmes for women and girls in the UK. More recently I am working 1-1 bringing somatic awareness and nature connection to support women and girls in times of change.

I have always found great inspiration spending extended periods of time in nature – particularly in the mountains. In both my own experiences, and in witnessing others, I have seen the power of the natural world in guiding and holding us through times of change. For more details please see www.israhgoodall.com

Katie Rowan 

Katie Rowan has led groups of children, teens and adults in nature and land based education for over 10 years. Training as a forest school leader in 2005 she went on to deliver transformational land based programmes for four years at Embercombe in Devon and more recently spent three years as a therapeutic educator at Ruskin Mill college in Gloucesstershire. Katie works as a mentor for teenage girls in her local community witnessing the challenges faced by young women as they navigate the adolescent journey and the immense power and potential held in this stage of life.

In 2015 Katie went out to California to train as a vision quest guide with the School of Lost Borders deep in the Mojave Desert. Since then she has assisted and lead a number of vision fasts guiding people in ceremony to transition from one stage in their lives to another.

Alongside this work Katie has pursued an interest in primitive living skills taking her deeper into nature and her connection to the wild. Katie loves putting on her pack and being immersed in wild places, marking the seasons, foraging and making. She is passionate about developing community and its role in honouring the important thresholds of our lives. Katie loves sitting around a fire with people sharing songs, music and stories.

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