The Imaginal Programme


No Dates for 2019

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A 10-day intensive personal development programme for 18-25 year-olds followed by 6 months mentoring and peer support, and a completion weekend.

"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
H. Thurman

Climate change is upon us. The world is changing fast and the challenges are mounting for young people to develop resilience and forge pathways into an increasingly uncertain future. The possibilities for making a difference and leading an extraordinary life however, have never been greater. For young adults looking for a meaningful role to play, we are offering the Imaginal Programme - to galvanize the potential for wholehearted and purposeful engagement with life and society, and to help steer a clearer course through the moral maze of career choices and vocational aspirations.

During this programme you will

  • Discover more of your gifts, passions and vision
  • Develop new skills, tools and techniques to develop more effective agency in the world
  • Adopt core routines that connect you with yourself and nature
  • Become part of an active, and supportive community
  • Be introduced to new ideas and new practices
  • Move yourself closer to your professional aspirations, and toward your dreams for yourself and the world
  • Receive coaching, mentoring and support
  • Cultivate your curiosity and imagination, confidence, creativity and resilience

The metaphor of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly is compelling and helpful in these troubled times. In the chrysalis stage, the imaginal cells begin to form and are at first rejected or destroyed. Then, they begin to cluster together and when they reach a critical mass of 5% of the whole, it catalyses the transformation of the rest of the cells into a butterfly. This programme invites ‘imaginal’ people to cluster together to catalyse change for themselves and for the world they are inheriting.

Our programme will be based at Schumacher College where you will start with an 10-day residential camp. The College is an intentional nature-based learning community which is focused on creating solutions and new paradigm thinking for our times – a perfect place for our imaginal work to begin. This will be followed by a six-month mentoring process to support the ongoing flowering of projects, ideas and community, and the important business of you becoming an authentic, fully alive human being.

The three broad areas of the core curriculum will be Self, Other and World. Our method is through immersive learning experiences founded upon practices and processes to bring about deeper connection to ourselves, to each other, to the natural world and ultimately to the wider world.

This will include deep ecology and natural science, movement practice, naturalist activity, campcraft & bushcraft, nature awareness, reflective journaling, storytelling, poetry, enquiry, ceremony, and creative writing.

Part and parcel of emerging from states of apathy, inertia or uncertainty is to forge an intimate connection to the vitality of nature and to that end we will visit the forest, the moor, the river and the ocean to glean that intelligence and bring insights and enchantment from the more-than-human world back to the human community.

Course Leader - Chris Salisbury

Plus guest tutors including Ya’acov Darling Khan, Rob Hopkins, Polly Higgins and the WildWise team of instructors

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