Tending the Green Fire 2020-21

5 camps:

2020: 25-28 Sept & 20-23 Nov
2021: 5-8 Feb; 2-5 April; 17-23 May

Course Fees: £1650 (low waged £1450) 





Tending the Green Fire:  to put passion, pleasure, power, presence and play into the substance of your leadership

Tending the Green Fire is aimed at 'graduates' of our Call of the Wild programme. The course builds upon the foundations that were built during Call of the Wild, picking up where we left off, and focusing more on you, in your role as facilitator and/or mentor. This is ‘leadership’ in whatever capacity you choose to apply yourself to, and we recognise that there are many different forms and applications of leading/mentoring.

4 core weekends (Fri-Mon*) through a cycle of seasons provide the platform of enquiry into the substance of environmental leadership. The locations are sited in spectacular settings including Dartmoor and Scotland, some familiar and some unknown…..

Each weekend will follow natural rhythms, taking in seasonal celebrations, and will enquire into the cultivation of sacred spaces. There will be deep connection with the natural world through a variety of immersive experiences and activities.


  1. 25-28 Sept 2020
  2. 20-23 Nov 2020
  3. 5-8 Feb 2021
  4. 2-5 April 2021
  5. 17-23 May 2021

*N.B. Friday 2pm start, Monday 1pm finish

Our enquiry will deepen into who we are as facilitators/mentors now, and who we aspire to be in the future and put structures in place to support you to make the most of your ongoing practice. Time will be spent together in teaching and facilitation roles, practising with peer reflection and review.
This ‘teaching practice’ will be a keystone of the journey and through this experience participants will emerge with a clear set of project management skills and their leadership aspirations identified.

An extended syllabus of activities will also be introduced to turn our tool-kit into a treasure–bag, and polish the green glint of fire in our eyes!

The course also includes:
A 6-day Loch Shiel Canoeing Adventure - a breathtaking sea loch and river valley on the west coast of Scotland for a deeper immersion into wild Britain. Travelling by open canoes and setting up camp each night this journey offers some gorgeous scenery and amazing wildlife including otters, osprey, seal and red deer. (This is flat water, and is therefore suitable for beginners)

To support the journey, mentoring will again be on offer, but this time on a pay-as-you-go basis (£40 per session) via Sebastian, Pat and Toni. Whilst not compulsory, we highly recommend that some sort of mentoring is put in place for the duration of the course.

Participants will also be encouraged and supported to find fieldwork experience in the settings of their choice. Wherever possible, these should yield some leadership/mentoring opportunities, or the chance to shadow different leaders.

3 days from WildWise’s professional training programmes will be available as part of the course, the rest made available to you with a 30% discount.

The course will be carried & facilitated by Chris Salisbury and Jon Cree.

 Cost - £1650 (Low waged £1450, please apply) 


A £150 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. Please email us to make your booking and request payment details.

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