Wild Element Facilitation Training

No dates for 2020

Course fees: £1250 - £1500 




Wild Element Facilitation Training - led by Jon Cree and Chris Salisbury

A new 4-Element and seasonal journey to deepen your nature-connection leadership. Designed for those already in leadership/facilitation roles. 

‘Another beautiful programme packed with magical, heart-warming experiences’

'it has transformed my confidence as a facilitator and storyteller'

‘Thank you for another weekend of exceptional joy, genius and generosity’

‘The most elemental, magical experience I have ever had’

The Wild Element Facilitation programme builds upon the experience you already have in leadership/facilitation roles and seeks to develop and enrich your enquiry about becoming the best you can be as a mentor for nature connection.

This is ‘leadership’ in whatever capacity you choose to apply yourself to, and we recognise that there are many different forms and applications of leading/mentoring. What we really mean, is wherever you are ‘taking a lead’ in your professional or personal life.

4 core modules through a cycle of seasons provide the platform of enquiry into the substance of ‘taking a lead’ in the outdoors. The locations are sited in spectacular settings including Dartmoor and South Devon.

No dates for 2020 - please register your interest  for future courses or for more information call Chris 07919 093784

Each module will follow natural rhythms, taking in seasonal celebrations, and explore the potential of utilizing ceremony and sacred space. There will be deep connection with the natural world through a variety of immersive experiences and activities.

Our enquiry will deepen into who we are as facilitators/mentors now, and who we aspire to be in the future and put structures in place to support you to make the most of your ongoing practice. Time will be spent together in teaching and facilitation roles, practising with peer reflection and review.

This ‘teaching practice’ will be a keystone of the journey and through this experience participants will emerge with a clear set of project management skills and their leadership aspirations identified.

An extended syllabus of activities will also be offered to turn your tool-kit into an educator’s treasure–bag.

3 days from WildWise’s 2019 professional training programme will be available as part of the course, the rest made available to you with a 25% discount.


Modules will be based in an outdoor camp setting to facilitate a close connection to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Please note the course syllabus will retain an emergent quality, as we are keen to be directed by the arising needs and aspirations of the participants.

Participants will be expected to cater for themselves, both individually and as a collective, with ingredients provided for breakfasts and evening meals.

Cost - £1250 - £1500 (sliding scale dependent on financial circumstances - please email to apply)

Course to be coordinated and convened by Chris Salisbury of WildWise, and Jon Cree of the Field Studies Council.
Jon and Chris have collaborated professionally for nearly 20 years and are delighted to offer their diverse and finely tuned skillset for an exciting, enlivening and potent year-programme.

Jon Cree
Education and Training Officer for Bishops Wood Environmental Centre, International Training Coordinator for the Institute of Earth Education, Jon has worked for almost 20 years now with pupils, teachers, local education authorities and other organisations working in environmental education, and on sustainability issues. He is the founding chair of the Forest School Association and has been a key figure in its development, and within environmental education as a whole in the UK.

Chris Salisbury
Educator, trainer and professional storyteller, Chris has a background in theatre and is a qualified dramatherapist. He founded WildWise in 1999 after many years working for the Devon Wildlife Trust. In 2002 he founded the Westcountry Storytelling Festival and is also the Artistic Director for the Oxford Storytelling Festival. He continues as director and senior instructor for WildWise, leads the Call of the Wild programme for Schumacher College, and uses every creative means at his disposal to encourage the enjoyment and valuing of nature on events and courses around the world.


Testimonials for Jon and Chris

We have grown ceremonies as a group- held and supported by the extremely heart dazzling leads of Chris and Jon.
I am so glad that I said yes. To walk with intention and awareness through the winter months, to celebrate and evoke reverence for the transitions witnessed within and without.
Israh, Expedition leader and midwife 2016/2017

….. it's capacity to open my heart, mind and spirit to the awesome wonder of the wild world and my own innate wildness. At the heart of [this course] I felt a sense of deepening and ripening of my own skills as a facilitator and leader. This was a constant theme during the programme, how can I bring myself fully into this work, in the roles that I take but also in my everyday life?
The best bit for me was watching Chris and Jon slowly take more of a back-seat as we started to drive more and more of the content, working together sharpening our skills, playing to our strengths, holding, nurturing one another.
Mark Sears, Director of the Project Wild Network 2016/2017

My heart's bursting with joy and gratitude for the generous blessings on this profound and poetic adventure. We've explored our creativity, leadership and vulnerabilities, as individuals and in sacred community. With its safe space, structure and support, [this course] has transformed my confidence as a facilitator and storyteller. With inspiration, advice and accountability, I've overcome major blockages and once more pushed the edges of my comfort zone. It truly is where all the magic happens!
Laurie 2016/2017

I have a huge amount of gratitude for the way in which you have both shaped [this course], and held us through an emergent learning process through which I have grown. The biggest growth for me is in my confidence to facilitate nature based learning. This relates to both content as well as process. The learning has been through learning from you both as role models, through being given the opportunity to lead on sessions and through learning from others.
Liz, sustainability consultant 2016/2017

[this course] provided an opportunity for me and others to experiment and share our creative offerings in a supportive and safe community. It has enhanced my confidence to facilitate and deepened my trust in people’s capacity to co-create meaningful and beautiful experiences (i.e. it has instilled a deep sense of knowing that “I / we - can do this!"). I have seen several of my fellow[s] really step into their power over the course of the programme.
Chloe, Founder of Change in Nature, 2016/2017

Chris and Jon brought sparks, stories and experiences, but they also left a lot of space so that much of what happened would come from the group. At each gathering we began to take care of the activities and to facilitate each other, the experiences, which were becoming more and more beautiful, deep, fun and remarkable. Now that it's over I can see the size of the learning. How it has brought a depth and shape to my next steps as someone who proposes deep, meaningful and fun experiences in nature
Beatriz, Forest School leader 2016/2017


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