Specialist Training
Training Short Courses

The Soul Unearthed - The Power of Wilderness Threshold Crossings

Cross the threshold into a wild place to attend more closely to the movement of soul, to remember what is at one’s core, what is most important.

working with challenging behaviour 2020

 what challenges us as leaders in the outdoors? learn about the triggers & causes and ways to deal with it.

itc certificate in outdoor first aid 2020

2 day environment specific, hands on & practically based course combining Unit 1 Emergency First Aid At Work & Unit 2 Outdoor Incident Management. READ MORE

play in the outdoors 2020

How does the outdoors support 'the ecological and spiritual imagination of the mind' of the child?

weft, weave, waffle: the craft of storytelling 2020

Narrative skills are an increasingly valued part of an educator's toolkit. Develop confidence and skills in this workshop on the craft of storytelling. READ MORE

muir trek leadership training 2020

A special training opportunity for outdoor leaders to help people get to know a wild place in the spirit of John Muir, offered in partnership with The Institute for Earth Education. READ MORE

emotional literacy 2020

 Increasing emotional literacy through work in the natural world. READ MORE

New Leading Earthwalks Workshop

The launching of the Institute’s new book with a whole new raft of wonderful Earthwalk activities means we are delighted to offer this long-awaited training course...

Shinrin Yoku: the Art & Science of Forest Therapy

A practical & experiential day exploring our relationship with nature and encompassing the latest science and research into how trees heal us

outdoor adventures with younger children

Build your own toolkit of activities and themes from the world around us to use with younger children.

tracking into deeper connection: an educator's toolkit

Gain and/or deepen the skill-set in exploring the vast world of wildlife tracking. READ MORE

environmental storytelling

Explore the relationship between stories, storytelling & the natural world around us. READ MORE

stories everywhere

 A day to enjoy words, this workshop encourages participants to find “adventures everywhere”. READ MORE

how nature changes people

Techniques and tools for measuring the impact of nature connection and understanding the quality of people’s experiences. READ MORE

eco-facilitation skills for experiential environmental education

 Creative practices and simple inquiries to help open deeper connections within the natural world. READ MORE

forest skills 1

 A resourceful and inspiring introduction to practical competence in the outdoors. READ MORE

forest skills 2

Complementing the Forest Skills 1 course, this day will develop skills to give teachers and environmental educators more confidence in leading groups outdoors. READ MORE

the elder - connection, craft & creativity

Creatively meet the trees in the wood - exploring folklore, medicine and craft. Read more..

being nature: body, awareness, ecology

 Achieving deep ecology and awakened perception through embodiment.

eco-facilitation skills lab

 A practical and creative follow up workshop to the Eco-facilitation skills workshop. READ MORE

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