A introductory day of experiential learning in movement and embodiment practice for leaders/faciiitators/educators.

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19 JUNE 2024
£85 | £105 | £130*


A introductory day of experiential learning in movement and embodiment practice for leaders/faciiitators/educators. This course is those wanting more understanding of, and some skills for working with the physical body as a place of resource. Some practices to use to support yourself as a leader/facilitator and some to support those you are working with. 

There is much awareness of activated nervous systems these days, we are living through some crazy times and just like the earth our bodies and nervous systems respond. Somatic awareness of the connection between our physical bodies, our emotions and our thinking brains can really help here. In this culture we tend to be very ‘cognitive mind’ led so we have to actively remind our systems to bring their attention back to the body. Enabling us to access the vast well of intelligence that is available in our living, breathing flesh and bone bodies. This day will be an opportunity to do just that.

Along with this we are elemental beings, made of earth, air, fire and water. Bringing attention to our own elemental nature, remembering ourselves as ground, breath, liquidity, warmth; not as an abstract idea but an in the moment moving, physical experience can be very resourcing. It also helps us to remember our place as part of nature, the physical world around us and the interconnected nature of all of life on earth. Simple movement practices to access this elemental understanding can really help with groups, or individuals, when inviting connection to land and nature.  

The day will be a blend of experiential learning and Rosie will lead you to land as fully as possible in your own moving, elemental being. From there we will look at some theory of why this works and explore some simple practices to take away with you.  

You will gain a deeper connection to your own body’s innate intelligence and a remembering of what it can be to also allow yourself to connect with others and life on earth from there. Along with some simple somatic embodiment practices to use for yourself and with others. 


  • instruction and movement activities
  • group, pair and personal work
  • somatic, embodiment exercises
  • theory and discussion
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