Working with trauma through embodiment in the natural world

22 June 2022

9.00 am - 4.30 pm

Nr Modbury, South Devon

£90 / £110 / £140*




This workshop will open discussions about how we, as outdoor practitioners, can support our learners through times of anxiety and trauma.

Topics will include working with sensory preferences, embodiment and integration, recognising the importance of working with ourselves as well as our learners, and the key role nature connection can play in supporting emotional regulation.

Calling upon current neurological understanding, Jon will offer participants the opportunity to try out new practical ideas as well as reaffirming our understanding of the emotional benefits of nature based education.


  • Grounding and centring – what is the difference between these two 
  • Safety guidance for the session.
  • Anxiety and trauma what are they and how do we recognise them.
  • Human development and the ‘nature’ wheel – input on signs and symptoms through the developmental wheel.
  • Importance of body sensations in regulating…the polyvagal theory and how nature connection supports our autonomic nervous system
  • Using nature rhyme and imagery for body based emotional regulation
  • Windows of tolerance
  • How do practitioners help co-regulate in the natural world – the importance of empathy and compassion
  • How does movement and tuning into place at same time regulate our bodies and feed the 8 senses – a series of sensory activities.
  • Working with play and story in the outdoors to explore dysregulation and regulation of the 3 branches of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Sensory processing and attachment – the importance of awareness sensory preferences and ways of working with them in the natural world.
  • The 5 Somatic anchors and co-regulating
  • Self care for the outdoor practitioner when dealing with trauma – Amanda Seyderhelms 4 steps to helping us to make us feel ‘lighter’ and cope with others and our own trauma. Feeding our own emotional needs…..’working with compassion fatigue’.

Course Leader: Jon Cree

Education and Training Officer for Bishops Wood Environmental Centre and International Training Coordinator for the Institute of Earth Education for almost 20 years Jon has been working with pupils, teachers, local education authorities and other organisations in environmental education, and on sustainability issues. Jon has been long associated with WildWise and been a leading facilitator in outdoor education for many years.

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