tracking into deeper connection: an educator's toolkit TBC

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Environmental educators and naturalists are tasked with not only finding ways to deliver top notch curriculum and content to their students, but just as importantly (if not more), they are asked to leave their students inspired and engaged with the living world around them. Often we find that standard curriculum can feel dry and unable to integrate into the lives of our students. It’s not uncommon to hear of naturalist educators wanting to find more ways to bring the world into life for their students. One of the surest ways to engage students is through finding the track of an animal and asking some good questions. Who is it? When was it here? Where is it right now?

Every time we step outside of our door, there are myriad stories to be told of the comings and goings of animals in the world, and one of the oldest human capacities is to read and interpret these stories. The art and science of tracking offers a holistic ecological window into the happenings of the living world around us.

In this day-long training, you will gain and/or deepen the skill-set in exploring the vast world of wildlife tracking. We will explore:

-Natural history and wildlife of the region
-Basic wildlife foot physiology and morphology
-Clear print identification
-Behaviour and wildlife sign interpretation
-Track aging
-How wildlife interacts with landscapes
-The art of inquiry and questioning and engaging curiosity

While we will cover some basic fundamental themes, every tracking experience is unique. We will also follow our curiousity as well as the tracks and trails of the animals we come across.

* rates for individuals / voluntary-charitable organisations / businesses

Course Leader: 

Marcus Reynerson


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