play in the outdoors 2022

21st June 2022

9.30am - 4.30pm

Nr Modbury, South Devon

Cost: £90 / £110 / £140*





How does the outdoors support 'the ecological and spiritual imagination of the mind' of the child?

This will be a key question explored on this workshop. We will also be looking at all the other developmental areas humans experience during play. Outdoor play and 'games' will be shared to explore the many possibilities the natural world and outdoor elements offer for meaningful play – from the creative to the rough and tumble.

We will be exploring the ‘play framework’ and how we, as practitioners, spot cues from learners to interact with their play without destroying the 'play' and the 'drive' to play. We will also be examining when a 'player' enters a state of flow when the learning becomes integral to the human. The day will look in detail at what practitioners can deduce from play.

Are our observations and evaluations telling us what is really 'going on' for the learner? and how do we check they are truthful? How do we re-discover the world and mind of the child? Some of the many questions asked and explored on this workshop.

Course leader: Jon Cree

Education and Training Officer for Bishops Wood Environmental Centre and International Training Coordinator for the Institute of Earth Education for almost 20 years Jon has been working with pupils, teachers, local education authorities and other organisations in environmental education, and on sustainability issues. Jon has been long associated with WildWise and been 'playing' in outdoor education for many years.

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