The Fireplace: Flaming fun for educators TBC

Date to be confirmed

9.30 - 4.30

Cost: £85 / £95 / £125*


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Using outdoor fires with children and adults is an exciting and engaging focus for experiential outdoor learning. The word 'focus' itself is from the Latin for 'hearth' or ‘fireplace’, and fireplaces are found at the heart of many outdoor learning experiences.

There is, understandably, some concern over the potential risks associated with using fires. In addition, ideas, skills and knowledge can boost the enjoyment and experiential potential of fireplace activities.

This one-day course seeks to address both these key considerations, laying down fundamental procedures for managing group fire activities as well as enhancing skills, confidence and enjoyment for practitioners.

course outline:

Preparing the hearth: Basic fire safety

Risk benefit analysis; fire site layout; location considerations; safe preparation and management; essential fire safety equipment; group management protocols.

Getting the spark: Fire skills

Time will be spent consolidating basic skills and knowledge including: Fuel selection and preparation; fire lighting; fire lays and management; extinguishing fires; poor weather considerations.

Stoking the flames: Developing the experience

Exploring creative ideas for using fire for engaging learning and personal development. Content may include the following: progression with children; bow drills and other ignition sources; outdoor cooking; baking; fire stories; charcoal making; fire and the curriculum.

Watching the embers: A chance to review and reflect

It is a full day, but we will endeavour to leave time for reflection, additional skills practice and to consider any additional content requested but not yet covered.

Course Leader: Tom Wigston

Tom Wigston has spent over 25 years working in the outdoor and environmental education sector, enabling people of all ages to access the benefits that experiences in nature have to offer. Tom first trained as an Environmental Educator in North America and developed his skills as a facilitator and trainer through working for organisations back in the UK. Tom spent several years in a senior role with the Devon County Council Outdoor Service developing outdoor programmes, managing outdoor centres, and delivering training. He is a qualified teacher, Forest School leader and Bushcraft Instructor and carries several other outdoor leadership qualifications and accreditation. Tom has recently completed a master’s degree in education, pursuing his keen interest in the academic and philosophical exploration of outdoor learning and human-environment relationships.

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