WildWise Events Ltd, operating since 1999,  is a long established and experienced provider of outdoor education and nature connection events for adults, children and young people.

WildWise Enterprises CIC

We created a not-for-profit community interest company, WildWise Enterprises CIC, to expand and scale up our provision of nature-based mentoring and training programmes, and to secure funding to make them more accessible not only to a greater number of people but also to a wider audience.  By specifically targeting those groups of people who are less likely to consider nature connection programmes or less able to access them for cultural or socio-economic reasons we hope to increase the impact of our work and to impart the benefits more widely.
WildWise Enterprises is a not-for-profit social enterprise. The organisation was not established, nor is run, for private gain: profits or assets. Any 'surplus' generated by our work is maintained within the business to reinvest in the development of further programmes.  
What we’ll do
Why we’ll do it
Develop programmes for 12-16 year olds that support boys and girls to cross this vital life threshold in a supported and mentored way using nature-based practices. These programmes include nature-based experiential learning, skills development from the bushcraft and fieldcraft syllabus plus mentoring and coaching support. 
For more info see our Youth Programmes page
There is increasing evidence of the rising pressure on young people that is manifesting in complex physical and mental well-being challenges. At the same time there is also evidence that modern, nature-based rites of passage programmes can offer a vital support through this life transition. WildWise Enterprises now seeks to extend the benefits of these programmes to communities who might otherwise not find them accessible for financial or cultural reasons.
Develop programmes for 16-25 year olds to support and nurture young people through this life transition. The programmes are a curated experience that includes deep ecology, natural science, movement practice, camp and bushcraft, nature awareness, reflective journaling, storytelling, poetry, ceremony and creative writing.
For more info see our Youth Programmes page
The world is changing fast and the challenges are mounting for young people to develop resilience and forge pathways into an increasingly uncertain future. The possibilities for making a difference and leading an extraordinary life, however, have never been greater. Our programmes will galvanize the potential for wholehearted and purposeful engagement with life and society and help steer a clearer course through the moral maze of career choices and vocational aspirations. WildWise Enterprises now seeks to extend the benefits of these programmes to communities who might otherwise not find them accessible for financial or cultural reasons.
Develop community leadership programmes that inspire and empower people to become nature connection leaders and mentors within their community. Our programmes empower and support people to become ambassadors for a new way of connecting to people and planet within their community. The programmes include deep ecology, earth education, fieldcraft, bushcraft, night walks, naturalist study, canoe-trips, ceremony and storytelling.
As we seek to move towards a more regenerative culture in our communities we need more people who are supported and enabled to take a lead as nature connection leaders and mentors. There is significant evidence that the practical and cultural barriers to doing this in many communities are great. Our programmes will specifically be designed to work with people from deprived communities; BAME ethnic groups; and those with physical challenges and limitations in ways that mean we can co-create a new form of nature-connected leadership in communities not previously well served across the UK.


wild tribe nature connection programme for young people in devon

We are delighted to advise that, having secured lottery funding for 2020, we were able to run a ‘Wild Tribe’ nature connection programme for young people in South Devon.  We worked collaboratively with DYS Space Ltd SPACE PSM, a social enterprise and established Youth Service across Devon, King Edward VI Community College in Totnes, plus The Princes Trust to recruit a number of groups of young people, some of whom had not spent much time outdoors before or had little or no experience of nature connection and its benefits.

One of our most experienced leaders, Tom Wigston, led the programme delivering for each client a series of nature-based group activities (wood craft, shelter building, foraging, canoeing, storytelling, group games etc) which not only provided these young people with a range of practical outdoor skills but also helped to boost self-esteem, generate a sense of community and provided support to them during this particularly challenging time.

We received very positive feedback for both participants and staff from the organisations we worked with and also requests for more sessions, so we hope to extend this good work into 2021 when restrictions allow.

We are seeking new funding to expand this good work and to extend the benefits more widely. Whilst everyone can benefit from nature connection, we are particularly interested in targeting our funded programmes to those groups who generally experience more barriers to nature connection or accessing green spaces. This might be for physical, socio-economic or cultural reasons.  We aim to develop our provision to make it more accessible to those with physical limitations & disabilities; from deprived economic backgrounds and from BAME communities. Please get in touch if:

  • you have a group of young people or adults who could benefit from nature connection experiences outdoors or
  • if you would like to work with us collaboratively on developing a project
  • you are a funder and would like to invest in our programmes