In the 3rd of our series "Nature Notes..... words from the field", we hear from Columb & Dotty, our seasonal assistants from 2018. We asked them to share their reflections on the Seasonal Assistant role and what is meant to them both personally and professionally:

Columb Thompson

"Being the seasonal assistant this year has been incredible on so many levels for me, it has given me the opportunity to dive more fully into the world of nature connection facilitation and explore what that might look like for me. I’ve spent so much time this year outside in beautiful locations cooking food over camp fires and helping to run camps.

It has enabled me to learn a lot about what it means to work with groups and my confidence in doing so has grown hugely over the year. I have also had the privilege of working alongside many people who are at the top of their game in this world of bush craft and nature based learning and to see how everyone has their own style. It has been such a good entry point for me to feel more empowered to get involved. And having the support and guidance of those who have been in this field for a long time has been so valuable.

Taking part in the call of the wild course as part of the seasonal assistantship was such a beautiful journey to embark on."

Dotty Speedwell-Walters

"My year as seasonal assistant has been rich, exciting and full of lots of opportunity. Being part of the WildWise team, learning about the running and setting up of camps, stores and organisation has been such valuable, practical experience to know what is involved with the work of outdoor education. My confidence and ability have both developed massively. Its been an privilege to assist the different range of inspiring leaders, learn about their styles of leadership and see my own being nourished in the process.

Doing the Call of the Wild course alongside being the seasonal assistant I have felt really encouraged, supported and tested in ability to step up in leadership, hold groups, learn practical skills and dive into the depths of my own journey with the natural world, alongside an amazing group of people!

I feel wonderfully grateful to have done my year of seasonal assistant; to all the connections, experiences and learning opportunities it bought with it. Thank you!"