Apr-Nov  Call of the Wild 2022 - in association with Embercombe  *full - email to join W/L * Dartmoor  £2,795*
May-May  Bringing the Bones 2022-23 Dartmoor  £2,675*


16 June Being Nature: Body, Awareness, Ecology Dartington £85 / 95 / 125**
21 June Play in the Outdoors  cancelled Modbury £90 / 110 / 140**
21 June Working with Trauma through embodiment in the natural world  *date change* Modbury £90 / 110 / 140**
26 July Wild Power, Pride & Prejudice  *new course* Dartington £85 / 95 / 125**
1 Sept Facilitation Skills for Experiential Environmental Education Dartmoor £85 / 95 / 125**
6 Sept Mindfulness in Nature  Dartmoor £90 / 110 / 140**
7-8 Sept ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid Dartmoor £170 / £195 / £225*
5 Oct Shinrin Yoku: The Art & Science of Forest Therapy Dartmoor £85 / 95 / 125**
6 Oct How Nature Changes People  Dartmoor £85 / 95 / 125**
11 Oct Emotional Literacy Dartmoor £90 / 110 / 140**
12 Oct Leading Earthwalks Dartmoor £90 / 110 / 140**
13 Oct Environmental Storytelling  Dartington £85 / 95 / 125**
28-31 Oct Muir Trek Leadership Training Dartmoor £320 / 340 / 375**
9-10 Nov Weft, Weave & Waffle: The Craft of Storytelling Dartington £160 / 175 / 195*

*Some concessions available based on financial need (subject to application)

**Costs for individuals | voluntary-charitable organisations | businesses


 "I've been a teacher trainer for 15 years and I have rarely seen the principles of teaching and learning put into action so effectively. You put over the ideas and principles skilfully and playfully, drawing in participants effortlessly and making everything absorbing, fresh and fun" Ricky Lowes, University of Plymouth

 "Thank you for a fabulous day. It was a great balance of activity and chilled-ness and lots of learning and lots of fun - we all loved it!"
Sam Kendall, Eden Project Education Officer, Bushcraft Training

 "It was great to meet with you last week. I thought that your presentation was excellent and I learnt a good deal about managing and focusing the attention of a group. I'm pleased that I was able to spend a little time with you, which put my mind at rest. When I see people wandering up my woods with knives and axes panic usually sets in, however I left knowing that my woods were in safe hands" Paul Mason, Ranger

 "Thank you so much for helping to make this happen for me :) I had an absolutely wonderful experience, with time, place, people and activities... I can't really describe how much fun it was or how deeply it affected me, so I'll simply say THANK YOU :)" Nemeth Karoly Andras (Charlie), Muir Trek Leadership Training

 "Brilliant & immersive, well held & led" P H Collwell, Working with Challenging Behaviour

 "The course was excellent. Very informative and great fun as well" Carol Durant, ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid

 "The course was brilliant. I have done many first aid courses throughout my career to keep qualified - this was the best yet. Hugh managed to keep our very lively group on track, focussed and also have as much fun as possible! I’ve passed details to the faculty office so that others may head your way. Blue skies" Alan Dyer, ITC Certificate in Outdoor First Aid

 "Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the storytelling course yesterday. I was on such a high last night after what I consider to be one of the best training days that I have ever been on and it totally exceeded my expectations. I thought that the games played through the day were excellent and really brought out the best in everyone and drew the participants closer together in a really fun way" Phillip Strand, Environmental Storytelling