There is an increasing understanding amongst educators and policy makers of the benefits that time spent outdoors has on children and their development on multiple levels. It is well evidenced that it is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood but also teaches critical life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

Our events are tailored to the needs of the client-group. We are therefore able to develop programmes incorporating elements of bushcraft that can be linked to particular aspects of the curriculum or support learning around a specific topic. Alternatively the focus may be to provide opportunities for personal development and learning for those who are not best supported in a more traditional classroom environment.

In all cases individual tasks & team building activities are planned which encourage:

•  practical problem solving & team work skills
•  personal responsibility & respect for others
•  physical activity, health & wellbeing
•  environmental awareness & conservation

Schools we have worked with include:

•  Claremont Fan Court School, Esher, Surrey
•  Moretonhampstead Primary School, Devon
•  Whitchurch Community Primary School, Tavistock
•  King Edward 6th Community College (KEVICC), Totnes
•  Brockwood Park School, Bramdean, Hampshire
•  Wynstones School, Gloucester
•  Woodlands School, Plymouth
•  Bristol Steiner School
•  Ratcliffe School, Dawlish

"Heartfelt thanks for our superb camping experience. The children were exhausted but filled with an inner calm and peace. None of us forget the myriad of impressions imprinted in our eyes, fingers, ears, noses and tastebuds; everyone has their own special memory as you awakened our senses and heightened our awareness of our surroundings. May you inspire many children in the future" Eileen Brassington, Sandford School