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Dirt Time is more than your usual team building or leadership development programme. It provides the space and opportunity for you and your team to explore leadership, change and organisational purpose for themselves, and it creates the conditions that allow you to consider how you might support mental wellbeing and digital resilience in the modern world.

You might be an organisation seeking to support its people through a process of change, a leadership function re-focusing on why and how you do things or looking for a new way of exploring and seeing the world. You may even be looking to create some creative headspace for your team to set you up for the year ahead. Either way, Dirt Time is the perfect canvas for a unique learning journey for your team, equipping them with the tools to thrive creatively amongst the complexity demands of 21st century life.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, from local businesses, social enterprises and charities to national and international organisations and we’ll tailor Dirt Time to your specific requirements to support a deep and profound journey of change and development on both an individual and collective level. The programme will weave in core practices and routines delivered by a team with over 15 years experience of working to build purposeful organisations and 25 years in leading deep nature connection experiences.

Depending on your needs as an organisation, Dirt Time starts as a single day, deep-dive and we can also create longer, personalised retreats and camps in some spectacular settings and supported by in-house coaching and mentoring.

All of the profits we make from Dirt Time are used to support our pioneering youth mentoring programmes, so getting involved will not only help your organisation but also support amazing young people to grow, develop and thrive.


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“Thanks again – the session was really well received by the whole team, we all found it stimulating and refreshing. Everyone was able to point to aspects that would relate to our work but also to our personal lives, so that was a real result.The initial ‘landing’ exercise was a great way for us all to really start to arrive in Devon and nicely accelerated a process which went on through the afternoon.”  Richard Harris, 3KQ team day 

“A sincere thank you to yourself & the team for organising our event. We all gained so much from it – it really does make you think, and get back to basics and what’s actually important in life….. We have raised in excess of £2000 for our charities Breast Cancer and Together for Short Lives children’s charity, so once again many thanks for your help and support.”
Dave Arnold, Travis Perkins team day

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Places available on a beautiful and immersive new training programme for storytellers, performers, artists, and educators starting in July – details here.