2018 Event Programme

We are pleased to announce that most of our 2018 event dates are now up on the website and bookable (and bookings are already coming in!) There are a few more events to add to the list but in the meantime you can check out what's confirmed here.

What's New for 2018?

4 Element Programme:

Take an elemental journey with WildWise this year through a diverse new course activity programme that will offer an elemental perspective on your connection to the natural world. Courses in woodcraft, bird language, wild foods, firecraft, and canoeing on the river Dart will deepen your affinity with Earth, Air, Fire and Water whether through skills-building activity or through deep nature connection.

These events can be booked on a standalone basis of for those who wish to take on all 4 of the elements, i.e. 4 events/courses, we can offer a 20% discount on the total cost. Courses included are below:

Cut, Carve and Whittle: new for 2018 - this course will introduce you to the safe use of cutting tools and will help you fashion something to take home. 

Other Voices: a course in bird language we are delighted to be able to include this year with Tony Whitehead, from the RSPB. This is a very special overnight camp in our enchanted bluebell wood, and we will use a sensory awareness approach to learn about birds, birdsong, & experience the great natural wonder of the spring dawn chorus. 

Firecraft: a fascinating workshop exploring the many different applications of fire, and the skills taught and demonstrated include various and creative methods to generate fire, including fire-by-friction. 

Nightpaddle: a relaxed and enjoyable evening paddle on the Dart, culminating in delicious camp food at the fireside with Storytelling

Wild Foods by Canoe: explore some of the more inaccessible and secret wild places along the river Dart to find local, seasonal plants and look at their various uses. Identify, gather, prepare & cook... 


Call of the Wild 2018

Our annual Outdoor Leadership training programme, Call of the Wild, is already full for 2018 however we are running a waiting list so it's worth registering your interest here just in case a late place should it become available. For more information call Brenda Nagy at Schumacher College on 01803 847237.

Teenage Mentoring Programmes

We are delighted to be offering both the boys' and girls' nature-based mentoring programmes this year  for 12-16 year olds. Wolf Pack for Boys and Wild Time for Girls are unique programmes enabling teenagers the opportunity to connect with nature, with themselves and with eachother over several months and camps. This is not just about camping and learning bushcraft & survival skills...... these are rites of passage programmes which support and nuture young people to fulfil their potential at a time of great challenge and change. For more information please call 01803 868269 or email us.