The hunger games 2022

August 19-23 2022
Hunger Games for 11-16 year olds  

August 25-29 2022
Mockingjay for 11-17 year olds

near Bristol
£290 p.p. (£260 early bird discount*)





Hunger Games camp: Train in the skills you'll need in the Arena. Win sponsors. Make allies. Run from the Cornucopia into the Arena and spend 2 days in a pair tracking, stalking and ambushing other Tributes with paint Nerf Guns whilst making fires, sleeping in shelters and hoping to become Victors.

Mockingjay camp: Join the Rebellion with other ex-Tributes in the Mockingjay camp. Commanders from District 13 will train and prepare you for the invasion of the Capitol. Your mission is then to overthrow the Capitol guarded by peacekeepers, capture prisoners, storm the armoury, and food stores, set booby traps and take out President Snow.

These events take place at a private site near Bristol Airport.

The timings for both camps are 3pm start on Day 1 and 2pm finish on Day 5.

Cost is £290 p.p*

*An early bird discount (£30 discount per ticket) is now available for a limited period - the £260 fee must be paid in full to qualify.

Alternatively you can pay a £90 deposit now to secure a place; with the £200 p.p. balance payable by 20th July.

To find out more and to book please visit our dedicated WildWise Hunger Games event website here.

Recent testimonials:

"My daughters came back from the Mockingjay camp happy, excited, exhausted, fulfilled, elated, determined, encouraged, filthy, confident, joyful and jubilant.. They are full of stories of challenge, excitement, friendship, bravery and kindness. The leaders have once again gone way above and way beyond to create an exciting, imaginative and inclusive adventure experience for children. Kids are given just the right amount of autonomy and freedom while remaining supported and encouraged and safe. It is truly the highlight of my daughters' year. They were beyond gutted to miss it last year and had another fabulous time this year - and will, no doubt, be returning again. Thank you so much to Robin and his fabulous team. Warmest wishes."
Rosie Gray, Mockingjay 2021


"Just a quick email to say a HUGE Thank you for a brilliant camp and experience. Lani was really happy with it all and loved her time there. Thank you all for putting it together and engaging so brilliantly with the young people. After the last 1.5 years, it's really reassuring to hear that good connections still happen."
Tine Elphinstone, Hunger Games 2021


"Am I allowed to feed back as a parent of a rebel and a peacekeeper?! For the last 5 years the camps have been the highlight of our children's summer. Nowhere else do they feel more able to be fully themselves which is such a contrast from some other situations they find themselves in! That to me is proof of the beautiful holding that the camp offers. I am so grateful for the magic that is the Mockingjay camp and to all who bring it to life and tend to it with such care. Huge gratitude."
Ele Waters, Mockingjay 2021

"Just to say a massive thank you from William and us all. William returned incredibly happy from the camp if not a little over enthusiastic about making fires! The experience seems to have really changed his mindset and he has returned to school feeling very positive about life. We have just changed our holidays around next year so we are available over the August bank holiday 2022 so he can return with his sister."
Becca Ingram, & William, Mockingjay 2021

"A massive thank you to the whole team at Wildwise for creating the wonderful Hunger Games camps. Everyone involved must be a fantastic person, because this is the second time Lex has come back from one saying that it’s the best experience of his life. This makes me very happy indeed. Everything we’ve heard about the camp, from the friendships made, to the respect for nature to the fun and laughter around the campfire, has struck a chord with us. Really hoping that this can continue next year and, once again, a resounding ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed to this brilliant event."  
Emma Ewing, Hunger Games 2020


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