sacred hunting river adventure

August 8-10 2018
2pm Wednesday - 4pm Friday

River Dart from Totnes
£235 per child (12-16 years)


The Sacred Hunt channels a young person's natural aggression and energy in a positive and focused way. They learn true respect for nature, for each other and for themselves whilst having an exciting adventure which is both a great maturing experience and a lot of fun.

On this River Safari children will canoe on the beautiful River Dart, set up camp on the riverside, enjoy a range of bushcraft activities, learn about wildlife and birdlife and how to read the landscape for tracks & signs of animals and identify the call of birds.

Activities include:

  • Making and using primitive weapons including bows and arrows, throwing sticks, and spears
  • Becoming invisible to sneak up on and stalk animals.
  • Reading the tracks and signs of animals to find out where they live and how to get close to them.
  • Learning bird language so we know of the far off movement of predators and prey beyond our eyesight or hearing.
  • Bushcraft such as making fires and sleeping in shelters

Event Leader - Sam Kouzarides:
Sam was home educated throughout his childhood and spent most of his time exploring and learning in nature, very often in the company of his inspirational grandfather. He studied Countryside Management and Conservation and has worked on conservation projects in the UK and Madagascar. He developed his passion for outdoor education while working as a ranger for the National Trust and other organisations around the UK. Outside of WildWise Sam’s work includes leading regular groups at Acorns Learning, nature connection mentoring, and he still keeps his hand in with conservation contracting and tree surgery. Sam works with a healthy combination of playful energy and a relaxed and easy manner and likes nothing more than a good adventure.

All food is provided on this event

Cancellations: No refunds or credits for client cancellations <28 days of event.  Please see our terms & conditions for full details


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