“To hear my children talk about all that they discovered, to see the life in their eyes as they relive their experience and to notice the depth of feeling is to know that I have given them something as a parent to treasure forever.”

-Paul Hornsey-Pennell

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29 Jul-1 AUG 2024
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kids camp
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8-12 YRS


What is the aim of the camp?

Our Forest Rangers camp incorporates a highly successful blend of nature awareness, bushcraft, outdoor games and storytelling.  The aim is to empower the children with new skills, to deepen their relationship with nature and breed a new confidence to continue to discover it for themselves. Most of all, this programme aims to deliver a hugely enjoyable childhood experience which will be remembered forever. 

What will the children be doing?

Bushcraft is the art and science of living from the land. It demands that we open all of our senses to pay the closest attention to the world around us. The activities may include fire by friction, shelter building, woodcraft, plants for food/resources and natural cordage.

Nature awareness is the study of wildlife and the practice of getting really close to it. Using a combination of fieldcraft skills we’ll study tracks and signs, explore sensory awareness activities, and use the dawn and the night to locate and observe wildlife.

Storytelling – traditional tales with a wildlife theme, told to the children around the campfire help to make sense of both the experience of the programme and the natural world around them.

What do the children gain?

These programmes require the children to respond to a demanding (and enjoyable) sequence of tasks in an unfamiliar setting. The likely outcomes from participating in such a dynamic interaction with the natural world are an increased enthusiasm, energy and motivation. Most importantly of all, the course is designed to give the children a really exciting and meaningful time together in nature! The activities can have a positive impact in many areas including:  organisation, integrity, planning, teamwork, observation, problem-solving, tenacity, awareness, communication, responsibility, attitude and leadership.

How will the camp be?

Our team create a supportive, friendly and nurturing environment in which children can practice new skills; learn about wildlife, flora & fauna and the natural wonders around them; play outdoor team games and have fun. The children are generally active and lively but the pace is relaxed and without pressure. We want the children to feel comfortable and supported throughout – to encourage them to join in and have a go at what’s on offer but also to support them to sit out and take a break when needed.

See details on the practicalities in the Essentials section below including how to reserve a place.

Sign your child up for outdoor fun & challenges; bushcraft skills & storytelling and much more!

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What's Included

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Come along Sat evening May 25th for a relaxing and family friendly evening  Nightpaddle on the River Dart; or enrol the kids (8-12 yrs) for a fun filled Wild School day in the woods on May 28th.