Extraordinary Outdoor Events
Events For Adults And Familes

Wildwise Family Camp 2019

A truly wild and wonderful blend of nature awareness, bushcraft and storytelling in a friendly camp setting.

Wolf Tracking expedition

A tracking masterclass blended with an experiential enquiry and the chance to meet real wolves! READ MORE

nightpaddle on the river dart 2019

The Dart river valley is bursting with life and vitality, come and experience it at its best. READ MORE

dangerous weekend for boys 2019

A mischievous weekend to get up to all the naughty things you are not allowed to do at home!

7 wonders of the wild

7 wanders in the wild to romance the natural world on the Dartington Estate. READ MORE

overnight river paddle

A magical overnight adventure on the River Dart for adults and kids.

horse play for girls

A wild weekend for women & young girls to explore our connection to both land and horses.

4 element (4E) programme

Take an elemental journey through a diverse new course activity programme including woodcraft, bird language, wild foods, firecraft, and canoeing. READ MORE

seashore edibles

Explore the beautiful south devon coastline and enjoy foraging, rock pool rambling, snorkelling & beachcombing before preparing a diverse menu of seashore foods.

wild foods by canoe

Travelling by canoe to explore some of the more inaccessible and secret wild places to find local, seasonal plants and look at their various uses.


A fascinating workshop on fire-making READ MORE

cut, carve & whittle

There's nothing like whiling away the hours whittling on some wood. But there's a lot to learn!

Other voices

Bird song, a natural wonder: learn how to identify which birds are singing, and why on this enchanting overnight camp. READ MORE

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