EMOTIONAL LITERACY in the outdoors

Increasing emotional literacy through work in the natural world.

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2024 date tbc
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An understanding of emotional literacy is essential to help young people develop self-esteem and so become socially and educationally successful. Through relaxation, play and story in the natural world this day will explore the four core emotions and provides a real practical way of working with emotional intelligence and supporting emotional literacy programmes, such as SEAL and SEAD, and the new agenda for emotional well being in schools.

“Knowing the natural world elevates the very concept of life.” This concept, as expounded by evolutionary biologist E O Wilson, can enhance what we term as “emotional intelligence”, indeed can be integral to it, and is at the heart of this workshop. In this day and age where the fast pace of life and stress can impede child development and teacher/educator development, this day will contain strategies and techniques for working with emotional literacy in the outdoors to support learner development. Through a series of reflection exercises in the natural world and an approach that says ‘they can because they think they can’ this workshop is a must for both environmental educators and teachers.

The day will reframe the way we see emotions – accepting them all and seeing every emotion as totally valid.  We will explore the gifts and purposes each emotion brings – concentrating particularly on anger, shame, hatred, sadness, grief, joy, contentment panic and happiness.  We will be looking at how the natural world acts as a mirror and metaphor for the appropriate expression of feelings and emotions.

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