improving EMOTIONAL fLuency in nature

Unlocking our own emotional fluency through nature based practice

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15 oct 2024
£95 | £120 | £140*
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Each emotion brings a gift, no matter how uncomfortable the feeling. The journey into our very hearts, the centre of our human emotional ‘system’,  is often held by the natural world and all the ‘alive’ metaphors and languaging the natural world offers us. 

This day is for educators and facilitators who wish to explore how we hold space and work with the natural world to uncover the gifts of feelings and our body sensations. 

We will:

  1. Examine the steps needed in order to flow with all our emotions through the art of languaging our feelings and body sensations
  2. Play with a number of ‘grounding’ activities in and with the natural world
  3. Explore the gifts and companions of emotions such as anger, forgiveness, grief, contentment, jealousy, joy, fear etc
  4. Discover how to achieve fluency and flow through various “artforms” incorporating thoughts about feelings and responses to nature’s elements and materials…..including story making, sculpture, wordplay and various body based practises
  5. Learn how to help learners and companions explore their own emotions in the natural world and realise their own fluency and flow.


For more details see the Essentials section below and do get in touch if you have any queries. 

* rates for individuals / voluntary-charitable organisations / businesses

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Come along Sat evening May 25th for a relaxing and family friendly evening  Nightpaddle on the River Dart; or enrol the kids (8-12 yrs) for a fun filled Wild School day in the woods on May 28th.