‘Come to the woods for here is rest
– John Muir

This unique camp gives women the opportunity to slow down, find space and time for themselves. Let the stresses and chaos of normal life peel way to rediscover and reconnect to your deeper self.

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29 sept-1 oct
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women's camp


We are delighted to offer a special camp this year giving women the opportunity to step out of their day to day routine and take time just for themselves. This is about:


  • Spending some well deserved rest and rejuvenation time in nature
  • Walking on the land and sitting still, giving you time to ‘let go’ and time to reflect
  • Being in community with other women
  • Sharing time, space, food, activities, songs, stories
  • Sleeping under the stars or by the fire or in a hammock (or in your tent)
  • Letting the stresses and chaos of our normal lives peel way so we can return to our deeper selves


Bushcraft and nature based skills will be offered. These are invitational – join in as you wish to:

  • Learn some primitive skills, chopping wood, primitive fire lighting, cooking on the fire
  • Learn a nature based craft
  • Sing together in community and harmony
  • Enjoy morning movement exercises to greet the day
  • Enjoy ritual sit spots


‘And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul’–  John Muir
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