star trek

2022 date TBC

9pm - 9am


Cost £75 

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 ‘the stars exist that we might know how high our dreams can soar….’

This extraordinary event is like no other. Prepare to journey into the mythic realm of the night, when all sensible, rational people are normally fast asleep in bed. We however, will hunt shadows and listen for the haunting cries of owls and foxes. We shall drink moonlight, chase shooting stars over the moorland valleys, we shall linger by curious streams and gaze in wonder at the new dawn breaking…

We will begin at dusk, climbing the hill to watch the sunset and welcome a waning full moon rising over the tawny moor. This sets the tone for a magical and mysterious night navigation through Dartmoor, taking our cues from nocturnal nature and the celestial star chart above us, pausing to reflect with moonlight and firelight, we will hear poems and stories that dream us deeper into this night’s secrets. After sunrise, we will share breakfast and go our separate ways to rest and sleep, with our hearts full and our perceptions of the dark changed forever….

This event is aimed at adults. It involves staying up all night and so we don't anticipate many enquiries for children! If you would like to enquire about a young person coming along however please do get in touch. 

Event Leaders

Chris Salisbury founded WildWise after many years working as an education officer for Devon Wildlife Trust. With a background in the theatre, a training in therapy and a career in environmental education he uses every creative means at his disposal to encourage people to enjoy and value the natural world. He has worked with Ray Mears and John Rhyder, amongst many others.

Jon Cree, previously the training coordinator at the Bishopswood Environmental Education Centre, is long associated with WildWise. Jon has worked for over 20 years now with pupils, teachers, local education authorities and other organisations working with schools on environmental matters. He is also a Trainer for the Institute of Earth Education.

How to Book

1. Email us here: please provide your contact details and how you would like to pay i.e. BACS or card
2. By phone: call 01803 868269 (message service when office unattended)
3. Online booking via Eventbrite: instant booking with immediate confirmation (recommended for late bookings). COMING SOON

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