Other voices

9 May 2021

7pm - 11am 

Dart Valley, nr Newbridge Dartmoor

£50 1st adult / £35 2nd or child > 12 yrs




Bird song, a natural wonder: learn how to identify which birds are singing? and why? on this enchanting overnight camp...

Like ourselves, birds are very vocal creatures. In spring their songs and calls are everywhere, enlivening our woods, hedges and fields. But what are they doing? Why are they singing? And who is singing?

These are just some of the questions we will be answering. We'll also take time to experience both the dawn chorus, one of the great natural wonders, and to learn how to identify a range of birds from their songs and calls. And everyone will have the opportunity to take time out to listen quietly to the sounds of the natural world, a simple yet often surprisingly powerful experience.

NB: This event is aimed at adults and older children (12 years and above).

Course leader - Tony Whitehead

Tony has had a lifelong interest in birds, particularly their songs, and works for the RSPB in South West England. He is also a practising artist with an interest in site specific live art, text and performance, particularly in relation to sound and the natural environment. Visit www.tonywhitehead.org to find out more.

Cancellations: The event will go ahead come rain or shine. Sorry no refunds or transfers if you are unable to attend. Please see our terms & conditions for further information.


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