Mirroring Wild Experience 2020


1-7 september 2020


£650 p.p.




Mirroring the Four Shields of Human Nature: The Art of Story Telling and Listening

Telling your story is an ancient art. These days, we have mostly forgotten how to listen and how to tell our own story, yet our very survival depends on our ability to communicate by telling and listening to stories. If we cannot tell our story with passion, our life is mute. If we cannot listen like a mirror, we cannot reflect back the wholeness of the story teller.

In this program, you will learn to listen and tell from the four shields -- the body, soul, mind, and spirit. You will see that human nature is not separate from the cycles and seasons of the natural world and that there is a synchronistic dance between us and nature.

In the old days, stories came from the land itself. We will practice this ancient art by going intentionally onto the land alone. This intentional practice, and the deep listening that follows, naturally leads us to the wisdom to go beyond ourselves. Those of us who work with people must know how to listen and respond to the stories our people and the natural world tell. This way of mirroring can support us all to create a life that is deeper, richer, and that benefits our community and the earth.

During this week you will experience deep connection to the land and find your own unique way in the art of listening and mirroring. This is a powerful individual and collective experience that will deeply and positively affect your soul and the work you bring to the world!


Ruth Wharton: Deeply rooted in earth, body, ceremony and a long lineage of guides from the School of Lost Borders, Ruth offers an abundance of love and fierce insight to those Ruth guides and mentors. Beginning to guide wilderness rites of passage at the age of 21, Ruth’s experience spans over 2 decades, supporting over 1000 people of all ages through initiation practices. As a licensed professional counselor, wilderness therapist and guide, play therapist, and wilderness first responder, Ruth has worked in a variety of settings supporting diverse people in meaningful life passages. As a guide working with the School of Lost Borders for over 20 years, Ruth is also one of the founders of both the Women’s Fast and Queer Quest. Being gender expansive and having a strong focus on social justice, Ruth is continually on the path of creating inclusive and accessible space for all people. Ruth continues to guide, offer trainings and mentorship in the Wild Mountains of Colorado and around the world. Traveling to support communities cross culturally, Ruth is continually learning from diverse landscapes and people inspired by our differences, earth based common threads, and shared humanity.

Pedro McMillan: As an elder with long experience with rites of passage, Pedro brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to teaching and holding space for those called to the land. Pedro has been a guide working with the School of Lost Borders since 2010 after nearly 15 years of participating, training and assisting programs with the School. Pedro’s experience as a long time business owner and eco-entrepreneur gives him a clear view of the many challenges we face as modern humans and brings a strong and compassionate heart to rites of passage work. As a co-founder of the Queer Quest program at the School of Lost Borders, Pedro also brings an understanding of the need to create inclusive and safe spaces for marginalized groups and is committed to the work of social justice.


  • Arrival from 5pm on 1st September for a 7pm evening meal
  • Formal course start at 9am on 2nd September
  • 3pm finish on 7th September

WHAT'S INCLUDED: simple breakfasts & evening meals

WHAT TO BRING: tent/camping equipment; food for lunches/snacks and any luxury foods

HOW TO BOOK:  Online booking will be coming soon. In the meantime email us here to register your interest and pay a deposit to reserve a place.

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