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Wild Child weekend 2021

A wild weekend of family fun and adventures to unleash the wild thing in us all, children and adults alike!

Wildwise Family Camp 2021

A truly wild and wonderful blend of nature awareness, bushcraft and storytelling in a friendly 5 night camp setting.

nightpaddle on the river dart 2021

A relaxing evening paddle on the River Dart; sink into the exquisite scenery & the rhythm of the river, enjoy a communal camp fire meal & a magical return journey.

dangerous weekend for boys 2021

A mischievous weekend to get up to all the naughty things you are not allowed to do at home!

tracking intensive 2021

Join Marcus Reynerson of the Wilderness Awareness School (USA) for a unique intensive tracking experience on Dartmoor

solstice overnight paddle 2021

A magical overnight adventure on the River Dart for adults & kids celebrating the longest day of the year and midsummer's arrival

horse play for girls 2021

A wild weekend for women & young girls to explore our connection to both land and horses.

seashore edibles 2021

Explore the beautiful south devon coastline and enjoy foraging, rock pool rambling, snorkelling & beachcombing before preparing a diverse menu of seashore foods.

star trek 2021

An extraordinary star gazing event like no other... Prepare to journey into the mythic realm of the night, when all sensible, rational people are normally fast asleep in bed.

Songdreaming for Albion (Songlines 2021)

 Rewilding nature through song - re-enchanting ourselves through nature

7 wonders of the wild 2021

7 wanders in the wild to romance the natural world on the Dartington estate. READ MORE

dartmoor walkabout 2021

Navigation, trekking, bushcraft, and storytelling all feature in a wonderful and adventurous exploration of Dartmoor’s rugged terrain

august overnight paddle 2021

Travel on the beautiful river Dart in open canoes, soak in the atmosphere of dusk, firelight, stars and stories before camping on the riverbank...

wild foods by canoe 2021

Travelling by canoe to explore some of the more inaccessible and secret wild places to find local, seasonal plants and look at their various uses.

firecraft 2021

A fascinating workshop on fire-making READ MORE

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