facilitation skills for experiential environmental education

16th November 2017
9.30am - 4.30pm
Dartington Estate, Studio 33
Cost: £120 / £95 / £75*

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This workshop covers creative practices and tools for educators and outdoor leaders to help inspire connection with the natural world. Using simple techniques for out-door and classroom settings, we will explore how to lead a group into a more vital relationship with their environment and to cultivate a curiosity about nature, place and sustainability. This session will include time for discussion about how to tailor these approaches to your specific work context.
Come and explore simple ways to support your participants in finding their own relationship within the natural world.

Developing approaches to address areas such as:

How can your group support each other to learn more fully?
How might creativity, silence or play enable a falling in love with the more than human world?
How can wild food identification open up a world of imagination, sensual awareness and deep connection?
How can you help your group flex their muscles of awareness, curiosity and connection in anything from a 1hour walk to a weeklong wilderness quest?
How can we spark interest in the natural world for others?
How might affection, a sense of wonder and a ‘full-bodied’ experience of the wild unfold?
If we see that an ecology is made up of relationships. How might we find our way home to relationship within that living web of life?

Course Tutor: Toni Spencer
Toni works as a facilitator, educator and artist. She works with process (personal and collective), food (wild, tame, feral and neglected) and landscape. All this serves to explore how we might meet the world more fully, in order to live within the world more sustainably. She is a freelance practitioner with Schumacher College, Embercombe and others.

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