Wild Nights Out

‘Wild Nights Out’ are overnight wildlife camps for school, community and youth groups. They offer a unique variety of activities, blending environmental and wildlife encounters with an adventurous outdoor experience - all with a pinch of magic to make it a truly memorable event!

In 2011 WildWise took on the inspiring and innovative Wild Nights Out programme that our Director Chris Salisbury had originally pioneered for the Devon Wildlife Trust whilst he was education officer between 1993 and 1999.

From our camp we’ll go on short explorations of the natural world at different times of day –and night! We’ll have a campfire to cook on and tents to sleep in. It is a very full experience with lots to do including…

•  Smelly cocktails!
•  Camp craft
•  Nature games
•  Campfire cooking
•  Bat hunting
•  Owl Prowl
•  Natural talent
•  Stargazing
•  Putting up tents
•  Minibeasts!
•  Midnight feast
•  Storytelling
•  Sound maps
•  Time for observation and reflection
•  … and a few surprises!

ACCOMODATION & FACILITIES: Everyone camps in tents, which are provided. Children can sleep in either groups of 2–3, or in two larger tents accommodating 10 each. We provide toilets and facilities for washing. It is in the nature of the Wild Night Out that toilet facilities may be basic. Children and adults should be made aware of this before coming on the experience so they know what to expect. The highest possible levels of cleanliness, comfort and privacy are maintained.

FOOD: Evening meal, breakfast and drinks are provided. We cook on the campfire. Vegetarians and most allergies can be catered for.

COST: We ask for a minimum of £760 for each event (with a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children), cost per head thereafter is £40.

Please contact us for further information and available dates.


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