gender specific events

Why do we offer gender specific events?

WildWise is an inclusive organisation. It exists to encourage everyone to get outdoors, 'go wild' and connect with nature. The vast majority of our events are inclusive to both sexes and no activities are excluded from participants on the basis of their gender. That said we do offer a small number of gender specific events and that is because in our extensive experience (since 1999) there is a unique experience to be had in doing so and a special connection develops between the participants in the group that could not otherwise be achieved. This is particularly evident in our teenage mentoring programmes, Wolf Pack for Boys and Wild Time for Girls. The same sex environment fosters a deeper exploration of shared issues and, as a result, a stronger connection can develop than would otherwise be possible. Consistently positive feedback from participants over many  years evidences this value.

The other reason for offering certain formats e.g. Horse Power for GirlsDangerous Weekend for Boys, and not other variations is because they work!..... As a small self-funding organisation we have to offer events that book up and from past experience the Dangerous Weekend for Boys formula consistently proves to be popular; other variations (female only or mixed) have not attracted the same level of interest. We are not a charity nor are funded from elsewhere and so we do need to reach a minimum number of participants for any  event to be viable.

WildWise aims to inspire and inform everyone about the natural world. We want to create exceptional outdoor experiences for all. If you cannot find what you need in our current events programme please consider getting a group together so that we might tailor a bespoke event for you - you will be able to pick and choose from a wide bushcraft menu the elements that appeal to you most.

Email us with your details or to find out more.

 We hope to welcome you to one of our events soon!.....