muir trek

Sept 15-16 2017
Dart Valley, Dartmoor
1 day long trek on Sat 16th - Arrival late pm on Fri 15th
£85 per adult

Developed by The Institute for Earth Education for a small group of 6 to 12 travellers, the Muir Trek is a day of wandering through a wild place from sunrise to sunset, taking only curiosity for life’s adventures, and openness to what the earth will offer as it turns towards the sun, and a bit of food and water for nourishment. Cares and worries, phones and watches, are all left behind.

Inspired by explorer and Sierra Club founder John Muir’s personal qualities of zest, celebration, joy, and adventure, the trek will move deliberately through the day, seeking natural world’s richness rather than its challenges. The only destination will be the disappearance of the sun beyond the horizon. The day will be accented with leader inputs intended to help you explore your own experiences in nature. There will be time to saunter over short distances, sit, watch, and reflect on the natural community around you.

NB This is primarily a 1 (long) day event from sunrise to sunset however due to the pre-dawn start time participants will need to camp the night beforehand.

This event is full. Please enquire by email to go on a waiting list.