wolf pack for boys 2018

a nature based mentoring programme for young men (12-16 yrs)
April 4-6, June 1-3, July 27-29, Sept 15-16, Oct 26-28
Venue: various wild locations in Devon
Cost for entire programme (5 camps): £950
payment options available 

"A challenging and uplifting journey into the natural world that triggers significant inner growth in a young person, resulting in a noticeable step up in self-awareness, self-confidence and a tremendous feeling of well-being after each event."
Tania Wallis, Wolf Pack 2017

"Thank you to Chris and Sam for their humour, warmth and leadership. Joe thinks you are legends!"
Petra Cramsie, Wolf Pack 2017

The ‘Wolf Pack’ programme recognises that boys of a certain age need challenges, adventures, risks and role-models. WildWise have put together an exceptional team of qualified and experienced outdoorsmen to facilitate a group of young men on a journey of discovery. Our aim is to make the most of what the natural world can offer with an exciting programme of meaningful activity that will develop skills, confidence and leadership potential.

The adventure begins in the woods, travels the river by Canadian canoe, a walkabout on Dartmoor and visits the wild coastline. Our syllabus will include bushcraft, foraging, fishing, campcraft, nature awareness skills, hunting skills and a final Quest. There will be traditional stories told around the campfire, stargazing, games and focused dialogue, as well as just hanging out together in the peace and beauty of the wildwood, moor, beach and river valley.

We invite you to come and learn some new skills, expand your awareness, develop yourself, make new friends, tackle challenges, have some great fun, be surrounded by the power of nature, and maybe take an important step or two on the road towards manhood.

Participants will have the opportunity to get close to nature, to relax, grow up a bit, discover more about themselves, and be energised and inspired by some quality time out in the wilds of the Westcountry!

All food and equipment is provided on these events.

2018 - 5 journeys:  April 4-6  / June 1-3  / July 27-29  / Sept 15-16 / Oct 26-28

April – The Woods: Skills taught - woodcraft, bushcraft, firecraft, first aid

June - The Coast: Activities – seashore edibles, sea fishing, snorkelling

July – The Moor: An expedition into Dartmoor. Skills taught – navigation, campcraft

September – The River: Canoe journey – river fishing, foraging, nightpaddle

October – The Woods: A culmination event including a traditional sweathouse and medicine walk

Course Leaders

Chris Packe: It used to be the mountains, but now you’ll find Chris in the woods. He just really loves bushcraft, you see. Often it’s just for fun, but he also works with Wildwise in Devon as well as independently back home in Forest Row. He also loves rap, spoken word, story, whittling, cartooning and writing… he mixes them into strange shapes and shares them around. Other forms of healthy activism include running amen’s group, various forms of mentoring, the odd public engagement, and an increasing interest in forest gardening.

Sam Kouzarides: Sam was home educated throughout his childhood and spent most of his time exploring and learning in nature, very often in the company of his inspirational grandfather. He studied Countryside Management and Conservation and has worked on conservation projects in the UK and Madagascar. He developed his passion for outdoor education while working as a ranger for the National Trust and other organisations around the UK. Outside of WildWise Sam’s work includes leading regular groups at Acorns Learning, nature connection mentoring, and he still keeps his hand in with conservation contracting and tree surgery. Sam works with a healthy combination of playful energy and a relaxed and easy manner and likes nothing more than a good adventure.

"Thank you so much for the last four days…he came back with such an amazing broad smile and he was full of positivity, bounce and gratitude. He thanked me for all these courses and said how much he is loving the Wolf Pack'"
Karen, Wolf Pack 2013

 "the pinnacle of my life up to this moment" JoJo Oakes-Monger, Wolf Pack 2015

Cancellation: Please see our terms & conditions for full details.