horse power for girls (11-15 yrs)

May 27-30 2017
at a beautiful family farm /nature reserve near Modbury, South Devon
£195 p.p. / siblings special price £100
4pm saturday - 4pm tuesday

A wild weekend living close to nature where we will explore our connection to both land and horses through natural horsemanship practices. Understanding how horses communicate with us and each other and how and why the herd dynamic works, can enable us to create meaningful relationships, healthy boundaries and insight to our emotions too. Working in a small group this is an opportunity for young women to taste the outdoor life in a beautiful Devon location, spend quality time by a fireside, camp out under the stars, and enjoy the company of humanity's oldest ally.
NB This event does not involve riding the horses.

Horses have lived on the Earth for thousands of years and have helped mankind to build a civilised world, providing transport, powering machinery, partnering us in sport and even going underground into mines. The noblest of creatures, wherever people have ventured, horses have been their companions. On this weekend we will have time to hang out with the horses, observe them in a natural herd and explore what draws us to want to spend time around them. They are highly sensitive creatures, being prey animals they can tune in to their surroundings and act to keep themselves safe. They have much to teach us about ourselves, our relationships and family dynamics and we can learn what they need from us so they can live as close to their own wild nature as possible, whilst still being around humans.

We will camp next to the horses, cook over an open fire, do some craft activity, share songs and stories, as traditional horse people/tribes have for centuries, and we will use our nature awareness skills to become like the horses and read the natural environment, even begin to see and think like a horse, stepping into our own horse power!

All activities are supervised. Bring any personal horse stories you may have, a tent, sleeping bag, tough shoes or boots and waterproofs.

Please note:

  • No previous experience with horses is required, in fact a fear of horses is welcome.
  • There are many activities involving and up close with horses, however there is no horse riding on this event.
  • The activities on this camp are suitable for girls aged 11yrs and older.
  • All food & refreshments are provided however you may wish to bring along some snacks / luxury foods.

Please contact the office if you are interested in this event 01803 868269